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A Wetherby Approved applicator, we can offer a range of rendering solutions to meet your project needs.


Monocouche is an application for prepared brick and blockwork providing a high performance exterior coating. It is applied as a one or two coat render in a choice of colours and is weather resistant. It supports all methods of construction and in particular, Stress Mesh can help prevent cracking for older buildings. Architectural features can be applied to Monocouche to decorate the external building.

External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation will transform the appearance of a buildings exterior whilst extending its life by keeping the structure stable. The reduced loss of heat will also reduce energy bills and keep the warmth inside the property.


K-Rend is a one or two coat through colour silicone based render and is the largest supplier in the UK. Weather resistant, it is designed to give a durable coating with a natural finish in a choice of colours. Architectural features can be applied to K-rend to decorate the external building.

Sand and Cement

Traditional sand and cement external finish can be which can be painted or left natural.

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